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goodbye, year. 12.31.08 1:01 am

Because I don't open a coffee shop anymore (!!!!), I instead stay up late and do this. Stare at a screen. Drink some wine. Wonder when it because New Year's Eve. Etc.

I made palak last night (look it up!), and I'm pleased. Google "Vah Chef", watch his videos, and make his food. Indian food is the new black.

or something?

That might not have come out like I intended.

After years of wondering about this, I'm pretty sure the only reason I write here is so that I can read it months or years later and think fondly of myself.

I have a stripy dog, and she sings at me in lovely baritone.

I won't be with friends to rate our years this New Year--but I would like to hear everyone's scores if you feel like passing them along. 2008 earns a solid 9 from me, and reminds me for the 785th time that things work out the right way in the right time, if you let them.

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